A Child like Me

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

It is a beautiful morning I saw,

As I open my eyes, many things come in my mind;

Although I am a child in the sight of others,

Still I am thanking God for this wonderful day.

They recognized me as a child,

A child that don’t have any experience in the world

by their own perspective;

But there are many things I understand,

Which others didn’t, and I called that:”FATE”

I have found the truth so early,

Believing in God’s power and mercy

is the key in life to be successful someday;

Wherever I go, I always knew,

the right and wrong that people should know,

And the qualify factor is that

having Him keep us on the right path.

I am a simple child, with a simple outlook in life;

I understand God’s will so early

Obeying God’s word made me happy:

For my teachers, parent and friends

I always found great happiness.

by Christine Mae Dulnoan

My pamangkin 🙂


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